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that makes someone's work day just a little more magical.

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Our Culture

We believe quality of life and quality of work go hand-in-hand,
and we create an environment that encourages the best of both.

Work is more than a job

Your work is a huge part of 'you', and you should have pride and ownership in that. At Yansa Labs, we value skill, creativity, and innovation. If these are the types of things that get you up in the morning, you might be a good fit.

Life is more than work

Work is important. But so is family, friends, and all the other things that you enjoy. Yansa Labs was built on the principle that hustle at work is exciting and rewarding, but that it isn't the only thing. Expect to work hard. Expect to play hard (or gently, if that's your thing).

We is stronger than I

A small group of like-minded individuals can move mountains. At Yansa Labs, we harness the unique strengths of our people to build the most innovative solutions in the industry. We're excited to see what you bring to the table.

Our Benefits

We take care of our team with a competitive mix of benefits
to promote a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle.

Freedom of Location

Yansa Labs is a fully remote team. Work from wherever you like, whether it's the city, the country, on a boat, or in a treehouse.

Flexible Hours

We have early birds and we have night owls. Sure, we need you to dial in for that important meeting on time, but otherwise work whenever works best for you.

Health Care

We want everyone to be healthy & happy. To promote that, Yansa Labs offers competitive medical, dental, and vision coverage.

Home Office

We provide the equipment you need to do your job or an allowance with which you can choose your own tools, if that's more your speed.

Paid Vacation

We believe that, even if you love your work, you need a breather every now and again. Yansa Labs provides paid time off and holidays to help keep you balanced.


We don't micromanage, and we won't hold your hand any more than you need us to. Yansa Labs encourages our people to stand on their own.